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NOW Anyone can Listen in to our NEW Coronal Winds Radio Station -- Click Listen Now Below...                                            

Coronal Winds Radio is ON The Air

All day, Saturday and Sunday, Coronal Winds Radio will be playing sermons from Pastor Stephen Bohr's Bible Prophecy Series called "The Three Angels Messages".  These are three End Time warnings that God wants us to be aware of before the Second coming of Jesus and the end of time.


Note: This is a Prophecy Series you do not want to miss... This is a must listen.


Sermons alternately play in succession for 1 hour with 1 hour of Electronic Ambient music playing in between each sermon play. 

Stephen Bohr's insight into Bible Prophecy will show you just where we are in End Time Bible Prophecy.  Be sure to tune in.  We promise you won't be disappointed.

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