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Have you have ever wondered why Mankind has been at war with each other since the beginning of recorded time? Why is it we can't seem to get along and have peace for all? Pastor David Asscherick's prophecy seminar, 'The War Behind the Wars" gives us an insight as to why we are always at war with each other.

This two part seminar, will help you understand what or who is behind the turmoil and wars that have plagued the human race. Don't miss this lecture, because you will gain an understanding of what is truly going on in the background of human history.

Be sure to tune into Coronal Winds Radio for this amazing prophetic lecture on 'The War Behind the Wars".

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Below are some topics and ministries we think you will find interesting. Todays Christianity has apostatised from sound Biblcal truth and is teaching doctrines that have there roots in paganism. Many church doctrines have been taken out of context from what Bible scripture truly teaches. When you find time, check out these links below, or visit...


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