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Cracking the Genesis Code
David Asscheric's Discover Prophecy Lecture Series -- The War Behind the Wars - Part 1 and The War Behind the Wars - Part 2 on Coronal Winds Radio - Listen in on Monday - Wednesday and Friday

God's Final Warning Cracking the Genesis Code
The Peace Sign - Is this Hatrid in Disquise? Who or What is the AntiChrist?
(1) Lord Lord (2) Mark of the Beast (3) The AntiChrist
The Peace Sign - Is this Hatrid in Disquise? Who or What is the AntiChrist?
(4) Life on Other Worlds (5) Leaving my Church (6) A Reverent Challenge
God's Final Warning Why Satan Does Not Want you to Accept Jesus - Do Not Accept Jesus - Sanctuary - Day of Atonement What is the True State of the Dead?
(7) God's Final Warning (8)Why Accept Jesus? Satan says. "Do Not Accept Jesus" (9) The True State of the Dead






















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